Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi Permanent hair stroke eyebrows are an exciting treatment which people from all ages can benefit from. Having to face people with the fear that your eyebrows are not in place can make you feel very self conscious. Having permanent eye brows would mean tis would be a thing of the past.
With this in mind our specialist never tattoo an eyebrow that is in fashion at the time, you are in control of my pencil. We will draw a shape on that’s suits you but if you decide you want them thicker, thinner, longer, shorter etc. we will adjust to suit your preference.
Our specialist will choose a colour that matches your skin tone and hair colouring. The brows can last anything from up to 2 – 4 years with annual top ups to keep them looking their best.
3D Hair Stroke brows can help with patch, sparse or short brows. Alopecia and hair loss. Ageing brows, light and thin brows and Asymmetric brows.

Kerry Lucey – Permanent make up

Kerry is a fully qualified permanent makeup technician offering a range of treatments.

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Services & Pricing


from £295 includes a complimentary 2-4 week top up

Brow Lamination

£45 with a Tint & Shape

Lip Liner

From £295

Natural blush/all over colour


Lash Enhancement & Eye Liner


Eyebrows 18 months top up