Senior Stylist & Hair Extensions Specialist


Hi everyone Sophie here!⠀

I’ve been part of the amazing Sarai team for nearly 2 years now, I joined the team in 2018, so far my journey at Sarai has been amazing, the team have been so welcoming when I first joined and I knew from then I had joined an amazing team. We all pull  together and support each other, making  it an enjoyable place to work.

Since Being here I’ve progressed so much and learnt thing to improve on my skills, which just proves how great Sarai is and as a team we love what we do!⠀

I love being part of the Sarai Artist team and looking forward to all the events we can do in the future. joining the team i have progressed with on going training and am now part of the Sarai Artistic Team. Im involved with photo shoots and stage work which I love. Im also trainined in Balmain hair extensions.

Im currently in the Fellowship for Hairdressing Project X Team,  which I’ve absolutely loved and look forward to all the exciting things ahead⠀

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