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Congratulations Sarah...

By Josh on September 4, 2023

Sarah has just completed her second year with the Institute of Trichology, followed by 6 hours of exams, and we are proud to announce she passed with credit.Sarah is undergoing the education programme to qualify as a Clinical Trichologist which consists of a 3 year training programme. Next week sees Sarah start her final year of advanced training which culminates in an intensive 4 days written and practical exams to be completed in July.A Clinical Trichologist can diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the human hair and scalp.There are many types of hair loss and scalp conditions that can be diagnosed and treated by a trichologist including sudden excessive hair loss, bald patches which have suddenly appeared, or itching and excessive scaling of the Scalp.A trichologist will take time to carefully question each new patient and examine the scalp thoroughly to assess the problem and its cause. A microscopic examination of the hair and scalp is required to aid in the diagnosis, and a treatment plan is then put into place.Sarah is hugely passionate about this and excited to be bringing this service to the salon soon.If you currently have any hair loss or scalp concerns then do book in for a consultation with Sarah for some advice. Follow the link on the home page, trichology for more information

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