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Hair Colouring

Your hair colour is an important statement. Working with Goldwell  Professional, and Oway organic colour, we will select the correct colour service for you with our in-depth consultation. Explore our complete collection of hair colour products and transform your look today with the help of your expert colourist.



The colour additive that gives you stronger hair, reduces colour fade and protects the condition. Probond is a unique system that protects and strengthens your hair during any technical services, such as bleach and hair colour. Probond works inside the hairs structure during the technical service but can also be used as a stand-alone strengthen service. Upgrade your next colour service with PROBOND

Partial foilsFrom £41From £52From £56From £59£63£68
T section foils short/medium£58£71£79£84£89£93
T section foils long£62£76£84£89£93£98
Half head foils short/medium£64£79£86£92£95£98
Half head foils long/thick£67£83£90£96£99£103
¾ head foils short/medium£72£88£94£102£107£111
¾ head foils long£78£93£100£107£112£116
Full head foils short/medium£88£110£115£122£126£131
Full head foils long£93£114£120£128£132£137
Toners & glossing short/medium£21£26£26£26£26£26
Toners & glossing long£26£36£36£36£36£36
Extra colour£9.50£9.50£9.50£10.50£10.50£10.50
Root tint£45£56£59£62£66£70
Partial root tint£32£39£42£47£51£55
Full head/ New tint short/medium£56£69£75£78£83£88
Full head/ New tint long£60£72£78£80£87£92
Semi-Permanent regrowth£38£46£51£54£58£62
Semi-Permanent full head short/medium£46£55£60£64£67£72
Semi-Permanent full head long£51£59£64£68£71£77
Balayage Ombre from short/med£107£148£157£164£170£174
Balayage Ombre from long/thick£111£154£161£168£175£180
Balayage Ombre & root blend short/med£141£202£211£213£221£232
Balayage Ombre & root blend long/thick£147£208£216£218£226£237
Bleach re growth short/medN/A£72£78£83£88£96
Bleach re growth long/thickN/A£78£84£88£93£100
Bleach full head short/mediumN/A£97£103£108£117£126
Bleach full head longN/A£99£107£111£120£131
Smartcolour colour in confidence*colour in confidence*colour in confidence*colour in confidence*colour in confidence*colour in confidence*colour in confidence*
Organic & Topchic Zero Colour Regrowth£50£59£63£67£72£78
Organic & Topchic Zero Colour Full head£60£73£79£82£88£93
Organic & Topchic Zero Colour Full head Long£62£78£82£85£91£96
Gentle Cleanse fromN/A£30£33£37£39£43
Deep Cleanse fromN/A£37£42£46£49£53
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