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Hair Loss is a taboo subject for many, yet 66% of people will experience some form of hair loss during their lifetime. It can be the result of heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or trauma-induced treatments such as chemo or radiotherapy.

Sarai Hair & Beauty owns CR Lab Berkshire which is a revolutionary hair loss service based in Berkshire, England. Our in-house Hair Loss Specialists, Hairdressers, Hairstylists, Aesthetician & Trichologist are qualified to manage even the most severe forms of hair loss.


Our Multi Award-Winning, Hand-Crafted, State of the art Hair Systems

A CNC Hair Prosthetic System or simply ‘Hair Prosthetic’, is a combination of 3D printing technology, custom medical grade prosthetics, clinical precision, handcrafted materials, and the highest quality human hair in the world.

Made to measure, our CNC Prosthetic Scalp can cover your whole scalp. We follow the precise contours of your head & hairline for an incredibly natural result. This solution can be worn for up three years before a replacement is needed. We only use 100% virgin human hair, so you can treat it as you would your own hair!

We've helped hundreds of people regain confidence in their appearance

At Sarai, we recognise that each individual's path to a fuller, healthier head of hair is personal.

Our award-winning team provides tailored hair loss solutions, designed to meet your distinctive needs. Grounded in a combination of medical insight and aesthetic precision, our salon offers more than just hair treatments; we cater to your complete wellbeing.

Enjoy our exceptional customer service, fully accessible facilities, and an array of cutting-edge treatments suitable for all hair types.

Begin your journey with a complimentary consultation and let our experts craft a hair solution as unique as you are.
Custom Fit
Precision-crafted to match your head's contours for a natural look.
Hair Protection
Acts as a safeguard for your natural hair while in use.
Versatile Styling
Offers the freedom to experiment with various lengths and styles.
Full Coverage
Ensures complete scalp coverage with voluminous hair.
Lifestyle Friendly
Resilient through swimming, sweating, and sleeping.
Long-Lasting Wear
Designed for continuous use, day and night, for up to three years.
Hair integration & Hair parting system Experts

Listen to what our clients have to say

We've a range of different hair loss solutions, every one of them starts with a free consultation.

You're In Safe Hands With Our Hair Loss Experts

We first establish if the Cesare Ragazzi CNC System is a suitable option for your type of hair loss and the expectations you want to achieve with your new hair. Consultations with your CRLab specialist are discreet and confidential.
Our trained CRLab Consultant and Certified Specialists create a precise map of your scalp. This ensures a perfect fit and natural hair movement.
We produce a digital cast of your scalp to precisely match the contours of your skull and scalp. This cast is the digital blueprint for the manufacture of your custom CNC hair prosthesis.
A physical clone membrane is created from the Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories' proprietary, medically engineered membrane material using robotic technology in Bolognia, Italy. The result replicates the exact shape, lines, and pantones of your scalp.
Hair Production Specialists meticulously select strands of high-grade unprocessed human hair that match your natural hair. Hair denier, wave pattern and colours are all carefully selected to achieve the most natural look.
Each of the selected hair strands are implanted individually by hand into the bio-medical membrane, mirroring the original direction of growth established by your natural hair pattern
Your custom-designed CNC prosthetic is non-surgically and painlessly grafted onto your scalp at CR Lab in Berkshire. Your new hair is then professionally cut, blended, and styled by our team of amazing stylists to complete your transformation.
Once attached, you can enjoy a natural and active lifestyle without compromise, restoring self-esteem and confidence.
You will receive ongoing aftercare under the guidance from your CRLab consultant. We recommend re-application every 3-5 weeks to sanitise the prosthesis and maintain scalp health.

We've Hundreds of Happy Customers

Trust us and the word of hundreds of other people to give you the look you want - and the confidence that comes with it.

Was nervous today before getting my hair parting system in place. I needn’t have worried. Caitlin and Tai were completely professional, very welcoming and did a great job with my hair, and, with putting me at ease. 1st class service. Would highly recommend!

Charlotte Bell October 5, 2023

If you have any form of hair loss please contact this salon. I've had hair loss for over 20 years and have had to use a hair topper, but I found going through the menopause my hair got worse leaving me with bald spots and very thin on top. Meeting Sarah and her team was an absolute delight, not only have they transformed my hair, they have given me back my confidence with this new CNC Hair System. So ladies please don't suffer in silence it only takes a call to change your well being and your HAIR.

C Megarry September 29, 2023

I had the new CNC system put on today. As always Sarah and her team were outstanding and very professional. From you set foot inside the salon until you leave you are treated like a VIP and made to feel very comfortable. I cannot rate La Belle Vita / Hairloss Rehab high enough.

Kerrie Mccrory July 17, 2023

Sarah & Ben worked on my hair today and the service was top notch. I came from Donegal to visit the salon and I was met with a clean, friendly and professional service. The services Sarah provides for Hairloss is amazing and life changing for so many of her clients. Had a lovely Uber Eats delivered to the salon and there is tea & coffee a plenty Thank you guys ❤️❤️


Very professional,the only place in Ireland providing a fully trained service dealing with women with hair loss issues ,a lot of the transformations are life changing for women,recommend any women with hair loss issues that are impacting on their lives to book a consultation

catriona cahill December 21, 2022

Always feel amazing & relaxed leaving the salon, Ben ticked both those boxes! First time with him tonight and I’m always anxious when people have to work with my hair system but he gave me a stunning curly pin with no trouble at all. Him and Sara really cheered me up too - see you talented gegs soon xx

Amylee Hedley December 2, 2022

Amazing place the staff made me so comfortable I was so nervous on my first appointment with never really going to hairdresser's alot in the past the hair is the best quality I have ever seen I had the hair intergration system done I will never be bald again thanks to these ladies so thank you and love going to my monthly maintenance visit's always leave feeling and looking amazing x

Nicola Mcclean November 8, 2022

5 stars for the amazing work they do here! Very professional and friendly, with fantastic results. Would highly recommend for anyone suffering with hair loss issues, their hair loss integration system is unbelievable.

Amy Carey September 6, 2020

just had my hair done today by Harriet. had the hair parting system plus nanos done. I love it. I was very paranoid with my hair before I had it done. didn't wear my hair down at all due to thinning. but now it will take a lot to get used to but soooo worth it. Harriet done a fantastic job. would highly recommend her. plus the atmosphere in the salon was very friendly. I would give more than 5 stars. ☺️☺️

Beverley Houston March 14, 2020

Booked in to the salon as I’ve been experiencing hair loss so went to see what could be done to help my hair look fuller and healthier again. I had a consultation with Sarah and she reassured me that a parting piece for the top of my hair would help with the problem. Cannot fault the salon or staff in anyway. I had the most relaxed experience and the staff were all so friendly. Sarah’s work has help increase my confidence because I was always so weary of my thin limp hair. Absolutely amazing 💕

Shannon Rice August 28, 2019

Your Common Questions Answered

We understand that embarking on the journey to a full hair prosthetic system comes with numerous questions and considerations. We've compiled a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions to assist you in this process. This carefully curated section answers common inquiries, offering clarity and guidance on our CNC Hair Prosthetic System. We aim to ensure that you are fully informed and confident in your hair care and prosthetic needs choices.
What is the pricing for the CNC system?
The investment for a CNC hair system is tailored to each individual, considering the extent of hair loss and desired hair length. To establish an accurate cost, a detailed consultation is essential as each system is uniquely sized and crafted. Prices start from £2500.
Is the CNC system a transplant?
The CNC hair system is a cutting-edge, non-invasive hair restoration method that does not involve surgery, thus eliminating any risk of incompatibility or rejection, unlike transplants.
Is the CNC system a wig?
The CNC system is not a wig, but a state-of-the-art scalp replica made from biomedical materials that prevent fungal and microbial growth. It's designed to emulate your own scalp and hair growth direction so closely that it functions like a second skin, allowing for all normal activities, including sports, swimming, and styling as you please.
Can the system leave permanent marks or scars?
Our CNC system is designed with your safety in mind, having been rigorously dermatologically tested to ensure it is free from causing any scarring or tissue damage. To further ensure your comfort, an allergy patch test is conducted before fitting.
How long will my hair solution last?
With our recommended care and maintenance, your bespoke hair system can last 36 months.
Will the CNC system damage hair regrowth?
Our CNC system is hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved, designed to promote a healthy scalp and allow skin 'breathability', thus not impeding hair regrowth with medical grade glue whilst also providing antibacterial skin protection.
Can I change the colour or cut?​
The CNC system offers complete styling versatility. You can change your hair color or cut, and use products like gels and sprays to achieve the look you desire, just as you would with your natural hair.
How do I make an enquiry?
Feel free to use the booking form below and one of our friendly team will arrange a telephone consultation with you as soon as possible.
"If you are experiencing hair loss, make an appointment. Highly recommend."
Isabel Kirk | Google Review

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